Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's finally time!!!!

Our family is so excited to announce that we officially have our dates to travel to China!!! We are leaving January 7th!! 
Thank you for your continued prayers for us.. Please pray for our Visas to arrive on time and for our travel in airports and in the country of China.
We love you and can't wait to bring Luke home!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Waiting for TA

Hi Friends and Family

Just wanted to update you on a few things.  First of all we are officially on the last step until our journey to China.  We are waiting for our TA (Travel Approval) date.  We should receive this date within the next 1.5-3weeks.  Please keep us in prayer as the timing of this date is very crucial with the Christmas Holidays in play.  When we receive this TA we will travel within 10-21 days and will have to get our Visa during this time.  So your prayers are appreciated.

I wanted to let you know that the agency sent me information about a need for the Henan Orphanages: Donations to orphanages (Attention Henan Families)
The Henan orphanages are in need of winter clothing for children up to 18 months old (onesies & winter sweaters), small hand towels, bibs as well as toys that make sounds (new items or barely used please!).  Also, we are in need of bottles for cleft lip and palate kids as well as nursing pillows for the Lily Orphan Care Centers.  Please give the donated items to your CCAI rep once you arrive in Henan.  We know the babies and orphanage staff will be appreciative!  Thank you so much.

If anyone wants to donate to the Orphanages we are more than happy to take them on our trip :).

Update on Luke:
We received information on him a few weeks ago.  They said that he is NOT potty trained :(.  He goes to sleep easily but likes to sleep with a red blanket.  He likes salty food.  He likes slides.
He weighs around 30 pounds and wears around a 6 in shoes.  He is in good health.

Friday, October 17, 2014

One Step Closer!

Yesterday we got an email stating that our adoption agency received the electronic LOA and that the hard copy would be in within a week or two. This means that we are one step closer to the final day! We also received an email saying that we will get an update on Luke and should get more pictures. We are so excited to be one step closer! Looks like we will get Luke in December or early January. We will keep you updated on the status just as soon as we hear things.  Thank you for all your prayers and support through this journey!! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Concert on the Lawn

Last Friday night a very dear family, the Steinberger Family hosted a fundraiser at their home.  We had an amazing evening full of delicious food, amazing fellowship, a silent auction and live music.  Jerimy and I were able to share our story and sing a few songs.  So many wonderful people came out and together we raised over $5,500.00 to bring Luke home!  

Welcome sign

Liz added a picture of Luke at every table.  
The Buffet
I loved the picture of Luke at the end
Cupcakes by Yoly Delgado
Everyone enjoying dinner!
Everyone signed Luke's suitcase that we are bringing to China with us.
Matt Bell entertaining the crowd
Dan, Liz, and there daughter Michelle (adopted from China) sharing about the Red Thread.
Jerimy and I playing with the band, Ben on guitar and Josh on Drums
Our daughter Hope and her BFF Addi
Our son Josiah, Jerimy and Michelle

We would like to say a special thanks to Dan, Liz, Zack and Michelle for opening up your home and donating your time, energy, and a wonderful meal.  Thank you to Vilma Rodriguez for putting together an amazing Silent Auction, and thank you to Sean & Jessica Miller for donating chairs.  Thank you to Matt Bell for coming down and playing entertaining the crowd with your music.  Thank you to all of our friends who were able to come and to those who weren't able to come but gave a donation.   And lastly thank you to all the organizations who donated amazing gifts for the silent auction.    

Here is a list of the Business that gave: 

30 Degrees Blue and Ben May Designs
Hilton Sandestin
Marriott Courtyard- Grand Blvd
All The Right People- Theresa Strickenglos
Casa De Avalon- Lonni Anderson
Manuel Lawn Service- Mauel Dorado
Chef Max Hornsby
Gulf Coast Dermatology 
Wendy's Kitchen
Chicfila- Robb and Leslie Scheifer
Andy Saczynski
Sunset Cruise- Dan and Liz
Tubing Fun- Dan and Liz
Isagenix Basket- Michelle McBride
Yoly Delgado 

Silent Auction table

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Picture Fun

We are currently still waiting on our letter from China to travel.  Last week we got a package from our agency with Luke's original papers.  It is so cool to look at the actual documents from his "file" and to see the original pictures :).  We are so ready to go get him!!  We can't wait for the next step.  In the mean time we are trying to prepare for his arrival and we pray for him everyday.

Last week my sister Amanda did a mini photo-shoot and we raised $750.  It was so much fun to be her assistant and watch all the families that came.  If you haven't seen her amazing work check out her website http://www.amandasuanne.com or find her on Facebook.

Here are a few pictures from the photo-shoot:

Thank you Amanda for all your hard work and for donating 100% of the funds to help bring Luke home.  We also would like to thank the families who donated to our You Caring account:  Smith Family, Ekenseair Family, Norman Family, Jones Family, Michie Family, Hicks Family and Fields Family. 
We feel so blessed by all the support from our family and friends.  

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Next we are waiting on China to send us a LOA (Letter of Acceptance) which gives us the right to go and pick up Luke.  This process can take 2-3 months.  After that letter we will have to wait another 10-14 weeks (because of paperwork) to go to China.   As you know, everything thus far has taken a shorter amount of time then they predicted so we have a feeling it may go a little faster.  If things go along the time line they project we will have him in January.  
Although I can't wait to see him, I have a peace and know that he is okay.  I am very excited and think about him all the time!  We got to send him a care package this week.  We filled the box with clothes, toys, and a photo album of our family with the Chinese words in it so he would know who we are and a few other goodies.  I am dreaming of what it's going to be like when we arrive in China.  I am trying to stay focused on paperwork, fundraising and preparing for his arrival.  Also, we have around 15 Emerge students arriving in a month that I am preparing for.  Our family is continuing to grow :)

Over the last week we have felt and experienced the love of God in such an amazing way.  His grace, peace and joy has overwhelmed our lives.  I feel so broken and amazed at all the ways I am seeing Him move in each of our lives.  Our family had an awesome "God Moment" on Monday.  I went to check the mail and opened an envelope from a friend and there was a $10,000 check in it.  I almost passed out and then began screaming Jerimy's name and couldn't stop crying.  I called it a Miracle in the Mailbox!  The letter that was with the check was so sweet and encouraging.  They told us in the letter "This is about seeing God move for His children.  This is God moving for Luke"  They ended the letter with this scripture: Psalm 115:1 "Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory".  Wow!!  God loves His children!  We feel so blessed, humbled and honored to have the Lord move in our lives in this way.  

We have had friends step up and are doing fund raisers for us.  I thought you may want to see what is happening:

1)If you wear Mary Kay.....
My friend Faith Gladding Is donating 100% of her profit to our adoption fund. Anyone can go to her website www.marykay.com/fgladding and can order or call with orders. When you call or go online you have to say that this is for the Kanady Baby Fund. She will ship or deliver! She also has books if you need one.

2)Need new family photo's?  My talented sister Amanda Sueanne is holding a meni-session photo shoot in Watercolor, FL this Tuesday from 1PM-7:30PM.  She is giving a discounted rate of $100 for a mini-session with digital files (Which means you can print what and whenever you want)!  100% of the proceeds will go towards the adoption.   Check out her website to see how awesome she is.   
To book email amanda@amandasuanne.com

3) Want to enjoy a yummy meal and music?
Our friends Dan and Liz Steinberger is hosting a "Concert on the Lawn" with a delicious meal, silent auction and music by our family and friends.  Cost is $20 (donation) at the door.  I know this will be a fun time celebrating the gift of adoption.  We only have room for 100 friends, to attend please RSVP to dizlan@yahoo.com

Our family would like to thank everyone who has blessed us with prayers, encouragement and financially!!!  We pray that our adoption helps open the door for more families to bring home an orphan. 

Psalm 115:1 "Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory".

Friday, August 1, 2014

Xu Jia He

We are so excited to introduce to you our son Luke Jeremiah Kanaday!!!!!

Here is his story:

    This male infant was abandoned on March 10, 2012, next to the intersection of Gongnong Road and Xuyou Road.  After a kind-hearted citizen discovered him, they reported it to the police and the Xuchang City Public Security Bureau Economic and Technological Development District Division Police performed a thorough search, but they were unable to find the birth parents or other relatives of the child and they determined him to be abandoned.  That same day, the police station police brought him to the Xuchang City Social Welfare Institute.  A physical examination when he entered the institute recorded that he was 47 cm tall, weighed 3.1 kg, had a head circumference of 38 cm, a chest circumference of 36 cm and a foot length of 9 cm.  He had congenital heart disease.  Based on his physical condition, his date of birth was estimated to be March 8, 2012.  He was given the name Jia He.
    After entering the institute, little Jia He received great care.  Under the care of the nannies, he slowly grew bigger and when he was 8 months old, he grew his first baby tooth.  When he was 10 months old, he could walk in a walker and when he was one year and three months old, he learned how to walk.  Now, Jia He can run, jump and go up and down stairs.  He responds when you call his name and he can call out the names of the little children in his room.  When guests are leaving, he will show them out and when the nannies finish their shifts, he will always kiss their faces then stick out his little hands and say, “hug.”  When the nannies get to the door, he doesn’t’ forget to blow kisses to them.  Every person that sees him likes him.  Xu Jia He’s life is one of routine and he wakes up and eats at 7:00 am, goes to the early education center at 8:00 am where the teachers teach him to talk, sing songs, dance and recognize simple characters.  At 10:00 am he has a snack, at 11:10 am he returns to the Grape group, washes up, eats food and then naps.  At 2:30 pm he wakes up, eats, goes to class and then ends class at 5:30 pm.  After ending class, he washes up, eats and then goes downstairs for activities.  At 9:00 pm he drinks milk, washes up and then sleeps!  He can play on the slide, go up and down the stairs while using his hands to support himself, he can call out ma ma and he has learned what to call dogs and cats. 

Our journey.....

     It is both amazing and humbling to think that on the other side of the world, this child will soon call out ma ma and da da to Jerimy and I.  We know that God has called our family on this journey of adoption.  Nevertheless, we also know that just like it has taken our extended family, friends and spiritual family to help us raise and nurture our biological children it will take the same partnership for Luke as well.  Although at times we are reluctant to ask, we know that Luke is going to need all the love, prayers and support that FAMILY can give.  We believe Psalm 68:6 that says "God places the lonely in families".  Although we know that Luke's specific family will be ours, we want to take this opportunity to ask you to open up your lives to become part of it as well.  
     There are many ways that family provide support for its members.  Today we want to ask you to consider a few of those ways.  First, we want to ask you to be praying for both Luke, Jerimy, Hope, Josiah and I as we prepare for our worlds to collide and become one.  Pray that the remainder of the adoption will fall into place peacefully and smoothly.  Secondly, we want to ask you to consider helping us financially as we seek to raise and invest the remaining monies to complete the process.  That figure is around $22,000 and includes agency fees, visas, orphanage fees, travel and Luke's ticket home:)  Lastly, we believe that God may have used this journey he has called us on to possibly awaken something in you.  Our desire is that you listen to the whispers of heaven and say "Yes" if He may be asking you to consider adopting.  We know that for many of you, your family role may be all three but for others it may only be one.  Whatever way that you can partner with our family please know how grateful we are and know that one day Luke will thank you personally as well. 

Here are the two ways you can give financially: